Visit Ploumanac'h

A must-see on the pink granite coast

A former fishermen's hamlet that has become a tourist mecca, Ploumanac'h offers visitors an almost unreal view with its pink rocks, imposing heaps of stone sculpted by the sea and the wind. It is here that the Pink Granite Coast is most expressive.

By taking the customs path (GR34), you can observe an exceptional lighthouse. Officially Mean Ruz lighthouse, it is a building built in pink granite, which indicates the entrance to the channel leading to the port of Ploumanac'h, in the commune of Perros Guirec.

The first lighthouse of Ploumanac'h dates from 1860. Destroyed in 1944, it was replaced by the current lighthouse in 1948. At night, it can be spotted thanks to its red light with a white sector. This last colour is only visible between Tomé Island and Rouzic Island.
Its range on a clear night is 11 nautical miles, or about 20 kilometres. Its height is 15 m. From the lighthouse, there is a romantic view of the Castle of Costaérès, Renote Island and the Seven Islands archipelago.
The lighthouse takes its name Mean Ruz from the Breton expression Men Ruz, meaning red stone.

The Maison du Littoral, located on the customs path, manages and animates the site of Ploumanac'h. Permanent exhibitions on the flora and geology of the Great Natural Site of Ploumanac'h, awareness raising, group visits, nature workcamps and naturalist monitoring...

You will also be able to discover the coastal moors, mainly made up of heather and gorse, which represent an exceptional heritage, now classified and maintained by the Coastal Guards.