Your store at Nautica Hotel

The yellow shopping bag of the Nautica Hotel on a boat in the port of Perros-Guirec

Do you want to take a souvenir of Perros-Guirec in your luggage? You have an occasion to celebrate and you don't have any gift ideas for your loved ones? You will find something to please you in our store at Nautica Hôtel.

For the gourmands

In Brittany, gluttony is not a bad sin. On the contrary, it is encouraged!


That's why we've selected a product that's sure to delight gourmets: Dame Cerise artisanal jams.


Lady Cherryis the story of Fabienne, a passionate jam-maker based in Brittany, who has been making artisanal jams since 1997, preserving the fragrance of the fruit thanks to short cooking times and a farandole of spices, flowers and herbs, sharing her love of flavors and colors in each of her jars of delicious jams.


Spread generously on good Breton pancakes or, failing that, a good fresh bread will do very well.

5€ per jar

For the nostalgic

After a beautiful stay in Perros-Guirec, we would all like to keep our Breton escape preciously in memory.


Olfactory, this is possible with our small glass candles with a sweet caramel scent.


With a single strike of a match, we are transported to our vacation memories.


They immediately rekindle our desire for Breton air. To be placed everywhere in our home.

At the price of 9€ for three candles

For big (and small) gamers

During a beach outing, games offer an ideal opportunity to create unforgettable memories in the company of friends or family, where young and old share moments of joy and complicity throughout a sunny afternoon.


For games enthusiasts, Nautica Hôtel offers the perfect set: customized beach rackets in the 100% Breizh spirit, allowing you to enjoy the Perros-Guirec sunshine while having fun on the fine sand.


And for those who want to keep the summer atmosphere going all year round, we also offer a wall decoration version, in the 100% Breizh spirit. A summer souvenir to brighten up your home.

At a price of 45€ for the complete version with ball 


The wall decoration version costs €25 - one racket

For illustration lovers

You have been so amazed by the landscapes of the Pink Granite Coast, that you will love to admire them every day. We have the solution for you.


Pauline LaunayBorn in Locquirec, the Breton graphic designer and illustrator has immortalized the essential spots of Perros-Guirec.


Under his pencils, the Castle of Costaérès, the lighthouse of Ploumanac'h or the beach of Trestraou come to life.

The A4 poster at the price of 14€.

For travelers

An impromptu getaway in Perros-Guirec? Just grab your velvet bag with the Nautica logo and fill it with a sailor's jacket, an oilskin and an umbrella. You're ready to go!


Our pretty "La vie en Roz" beach bag is ideal for a weekend or a day at the beach.


And for all your little toiletries, we've got just the thing! A pretty, soft toiletry bag big enough for all your essentials. 

Our shopping bag at €58   


Our green sponge case for €28

You now have plenty of great gift ideas for your loved ones or yourself.


Visit us at 87, Rue Ernest Renan, in Perros-Guirec to discover our store where the products have been carefully selected to please everyone.