Winter vacations at the sea in Perros-Guirec

The lighthouse of Ploumanac'h in winter in Perros-Guirec

In winter, we automatically think of going on vacation in the heart of ski resorts, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. However, the sea in winter has so much to offer.


This year, forget the tug-of-war and let yourself be tempted by a vacation by the water, in Perros-Guirec. The Pink Granite Coast promises you a breath of serenity, a touch of mystery and a beautiful sight, even in winter.


But what to do in Perros-Guirec during the winter season?


In this article, we reveal all the advantages of going to our beautiful Armorican seaside resort in winter. We also share with you some ideas of activities to do for a relaxing and invigorating stay by the sea. You won't regret your vacation, far from the snow slopes.

The mild climate at the water's edge

Contrary to the freezing temperatures in the mountains, Perros-Guirec offers a mild climate in winter with an average temperature of 10°C.


To make the most of the outdoors, adopt the Breton three-layer technique:


  1. A long-sleeved t-shirt or undershirt with a high collar
  2. A warm sweater or fleece
  3. And finally, a waterproof jacket to protect you from the wind or a little drizzle


Do not hesitate to adopt the Breton style of dress for the occasion.

The benefits of a winter bath in Perros-Guirec

In your suitcase, we advise you to think about your swimsuit (and your wetsuit). Yes, you read that right. Even in winter, it is possible to enjoy the turquoise waters of Perros-Guirec.


This winter, arm yourself with courage by jumping into the water, and choose between an invigorating session of coastline or ice-swimming.


Some tips for trying out cold water swimming:


  1. Until the last moment, wear something warm to keep your body warm
  2. To facilitate your entry into the sea in winter, wet your neck and belly
  3. If you are new to this practice, do not stay more than one minute per degree in winter. For example, if the water is 8°C, swim for 8 minutes maximum.
  4. When getting out of the water, cover yourself immediately
  5. Then, warm up with a hot drink at the Nautica Hotel


After this totally frosty experience, you will feel the benefits of cold water swimming and the sea in winter: boosted immune system, stimulated blood circulation, increased morale and toned skin. What's stopping you from taking the plunge now? 

Fishing on foot in ebb tide

In winter, the high tides are generous and uncover the beach. This strip of land is called the foreshore. When it is uncovered, it is time to get out your best sailor, your yellow raincoat and your rain boots to a fishing session on foot.


Equipped with your net and your bucket, go in search of spider crabs, clams, shrimps, razor clams, mussels and crab on the beaches of Perros-Guirec. You will have to be patient during this hide-and-seek with our crustacean friends.


When the tide comes in, gather your treasures, those you have collected with respect, and treasure the memories created at the water's edge in winter.

The Pink Granite Coast in winter

Mixture of glaz and roz, changing colors and nuanced lights, unleashed elements or clear horizon... The Pink Granite Coast offers in all circumstances, in summer as in winter, sublime landscapes to capture.


Golden Hour is the perfect time to contemplate and photograph the beauty of the Douaniers or Ploumanac'h trails. That is to say, the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. At these two moments of the day, you will benefit from an exceptional light tinted with gold and red.


A pleasure for the retina and for photography lovers.

Valentine's Day in front of the ocean

The most romantic day of the year takes place in winter. Instead of spending Valentine's Day in a ski suit and shivering, enjoy the sea in winter with your other half.


In search of softness and cocooning, come and curl up in front of the ocean, and more precisely the port of Perros-Guirec.


After an iodized stroll in love, find the heat and the comfort of your room at Nautica Hotel. From the bed, look in the same direction: the waves ripple and the sun's rays gild the water's surface.


A stay with a view of the sea in winter.

An iodized ride in Trégastel

Instead of skiing like every year, a winter sport a little too classic, opt this year for the originality. Along the beach in Trégastel, experience the magic of horseback riding.


During this ride on the waterfront, enjoy the thrill of the ride.


While admiring the enchanting landscapes of the Pink Granite Coast, breathe in the iodized air of Perros-Guirec, listen to the sound of your horse's hooves on the sand, feel the cold wind on your rosy cheeks and live the present moment to never forget it.

Winter vacations at the sea without constraints

During our winter vacations, we want to relax after a busy start to the year, spend time with our families and disconnect from the stress of everyday life. When we book a stay in the mountains, we find ourselves faced with a crowd of vacationers, excessive prices, a disastrous carbon footprint and difficult logistics.


Change your habits and choose the sea in winter. Perros-Guirec is the ideal refuge for a quiet and peaceful vacation. On the program, a reconnection with nature, your senses and your emotions.

What are you waiting for to book your next winter vacation at the sea?